Investment Report 30 June 2015

The first half of 2015 looked set fair to offer a promising start to the year but ultimately investors were left feeling short-changed by the time 30th June arrived. The attractive base that had been built in the early part of the year was impacted by the decline in […]

Investment Report 31 December 2014

As 2014 ended and 2015 started it seemed that the impressive mix of corporate earnings, surprisingly good news on economic growth in certain countries and pleasing comments from a wide variety of companies was being ignored. It seemed that all the encouraging news from the previous twelve months, as […]

Investment Report 30 June 2014

The first half of 2014 has been a period of calm in domestic and global stock markets. On the whole equity markets have been in a remarkably tight range year to date. The end results for June 30th do hide an occasionally volatile performance but the results show that, […]

Investment Report 31 December 2013

As 2014 starts to gather momentum we have spent a great deal of time looking at last year as well as preparing for the next 12 months. Despite a number of scares during 2013 we avoided any of the major corrections in equity markets that have so characterised […]

Investment Report 30 June 2013

The strong global equity markets performance experienced since August 2012 has continued into 2013, and we remain encouraged by the progress in our key investment themes and the solid moves forward within our favoured markets.  Additions to our core funds and direct equity holdings have been made following collective […]