Asset classes can be divided into the following three divisions:

Equities (stocks)
Fixed-income (bonds)
Cash and cash equivalents

These three asset classes are core to our portfolio construction and we are always happy to discuss the merits and risks of these, and other assets, with our clients.

Combining a traditional ethos with forward-facing, in-depth analysis means that we can devise strategies that deliver returns in line with our clients’ expectations.

Our clients often have existing financial consultants with whom they may have worked before being introduced to Wilson King. We are delighted to extend our relationship to include third parties and welcome the benefits other professional intermediaries can bring to the investment planning process. With your consent, any discussions we have with your other advisers will be recorded to make sure our work is seamless and we are happy to provide to your other advisers copies of contract notes, portfolio valuations and proprietary investment research.
All Wilson King clients have direct access to their investment manager. Quarterly reports and face-to-face meetings allow portfolios to be reviewed and discussed and monthly performance data can also be provided. Secure online access to portfolios makes for time-efficient and convenient information sharing.
Each client has their own risk tolerance and it is our job to devise with you an investment strategy to fit. By discussing the timeline, income needs and the level of risk a client is comfortable with, we can create an investment plan that is a perfect fit whilst benefiting from the flexibility of a proactive approach which can yield the best possible returns. If you are looking to diversify risk, we can invest your portfolio in a range of asset classes. A typical portfolio will include exposure to equities, fixed interest and cash and the level of investment in each asset class will depend on your risk profile. It goes without saying that if your personal circumstances change, we can adjust your investment portfolio to reflect that.

At the most conservative end of our investment strategies we invest in core multi-manager fund of funds. If you then wish to diversify your portfolio and are open to a higher risk strategy, we might suggest investment in direct equities both in the UK and abroad. We often complement direct investments with investments in funds which target either specific sectors and themes or specific countries and continents.

If there is an aspect of the financial landscape that you would like to discuss, please get in touch: we would be delighted to hear from you.